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Personalised Christmas Ornaments

They promote your business and are cherished by the receiver.

What we are offering

High quality ceramic ornaments custom made for your business, promoting your brand and personalised for your customer. 
All presented in an attractive keep-safe gift box.

Be Memorable GO THAT EXTRA STEP – NOT just Branded but Personalised!

Imagine the surprise and delight on your customers face when they see their name on an ornament. It really shows you thought about it and value them as a person, not just a customer.

Because our ornaments are personalised with your customers name, they are perceived as high value and customers are more likely to keep and display them. The high quality, personalisation and uniqueness are a reflection of your personal hospitality offering and great customer service.

Our personalised ornaments guarantee an appreciative and happy customer at the time of giving and that feeling is repeated every Christmas for years and years to come.

The choice is yours

Each ornament – we work with you on the design, using your images, branding and messaging.

Branded Ornaments

These ornaments are designed with your images and brand. These are not personalised with your customers name. Each ornament is identical to all the others. The ornaments are presented in our Aran Art Studio gift box with cloth flap interior.

These take about a week to produce.
The minimum order is 20 ornaments.


Personalised Ornaments

These ornaments are designed with your images and brand. These are personalised with your customers name. Each ornament is unique to the receiver as it bears their name. The ornaments are presented in our Aran Art Studio gift box with cloth flap interior.

These take about a week to produce.
The minimum order is 20 ornaments. 
(20 different names)

Custom Branded Gift Box

These white gift boxes will replace the Aran Art Studio gift box that comes with your ornament.
These boxes can be printed with your logo in a number of metallic foil colour finishes.
They have a cloth flap interior.

These take 2-3 weeks to produce.
The minimum order is 90 boxes. 


Our personalised gifts will cement relationships and ensure word of mouth referrals and return business.

Personalised gifts help to create an emotional relationship between brands and consumers. Establishing emotional resonance means that the consumer is more likely to have a positive impression of a brand and tell others about it.

Ornament Pricing

Compare our offering to others and I’m sure you’ll see we have a greater ROI

*There is a minimum order of 90 custom branded gift boxes and must be purchased in multiples of 90.
Gift boxes must be purchased with same number of ornaments.

We are not VAT Registered, so the price you see is the price you pay.


The perfect gift is a WIN WIN for everybody

Business is about relationships – and gift giving is about nurturing those relationships that are most important to you. By giving gifts, one not only says, “thank you,” but also tells a story about their values and the relationship between sender and recipient.

Thoughtful, meaningful gifts go a long way to let your clients and employees know they mean more than Euro signs and cogs in the wheel. A personalised gift is even more meaningful – it lets the receiver know that they have a special and unique relationship with the giver.

Choose the right gift and it will be kept and cherished for an incredible amount of time.

Our ceramics are a gift your customers will be delighted to receive. They are the perfect feel-good gift to commemorate an event, trip or an occasion, they last forever, and can be used forever.

Some Questions Answered

We hope we can help you make the decision to use our ornaments. Any further questions you can use the Enquiry Form below,

How long does the process take?

Once you order your ornaments, the design process takes a week.
To produce the Branded and Personalised orders takes another week.
The Custom-Branded boxes take approximately 2-3 weeks.

For Repeat Orders and Urgent Requests we would try to produce the ornaments in 2-3 days.

What size are your ornaments?

Our ornaments are high quality ceramics. They are approximatly 3″ (70mm) in diamater.
Being double sided – you can have different designs on both sides, giving plenty of space for your message.
They are hung with a coloured double sided satin ribbon and presented in a luxury gift box.

When do I have to order by?

The earlier you order the better.
We have only a few spaces available for new clients so that we can offer a dedicated service to existing customers.
Once you are a customer we can produce your ornament in as little as 1-3 days.
For more information – see the tab “How long does the process take?”

What is the difference between Branded and Personalised?

Our Branded Ornaments are designed with your message, photos/graphics and branding. You can have a different design on either side.

Our Personalised Ornaments are the same as the Branded, but we can personalise them individually with the persons name. It can make the gift more meaningful for the receiver.


What can I put on the Ornament?

You can put images, photographs and graphics.
You can add whatever text or message you wish.
You can add your logo/branding.

We will help you design your ornament. It can be as subtle or as loud as you wish. We suggest subtle branding – your customers are more likely to keep and display it year after year.

For personalised ornaments – we can add the name of the recipient into the design.

Who is the Ornament for?

Many busiineses use our Ornaments as a way to bond a lasting connection with their customers, staff, suppliers and business acquaintances.

Hotels have also used them as a special gift for customers staying over the Holiday period. They also send them to key customers married that year “First Christmas Married” which really resonates with the couple.

All businesses can benefit from the feel-good factor and the very personal connection with their customer through our personalised gifts.

Time Running out for Custom Branded Box Option

The branded boxes takes approximately 2-3 weeks to produce. So if this is an option you’d like please bare it in mind.

Some of our USPs

We have been in the gifting busines for nearly 20 years and over that time have learned what customers really like.

Our ornaments are very popular throughout the year for private customers looking for a one-off gift, and corporate customers and retailers looking for special corporate gifts and tourist keepsakes.

With the option to white label they are especailly suited for business that wish to focus the promotion of their brand on a  unique gift rather than some generic off-the-shelf item.

Our Branded and Persoanalised ornaments have proven to be a personal and cherished gift that will be proudly displayed for many, many years.

Unique Custom Design

Promotes your business with your branding, images and messaging – custom designed for you.

Made to Order - Low MOQ

Made to order so no storage costs or other expenses (damages/missing stock)

Individually personalised

Personalised with a persons name – the receiver  is more likely to feel special and keep and display it year after year.

Fast Turnaround

Most ornaments can be produced within a week. And sometimes customers may require it faster so we try to accommodate.

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