Metal Prints

Unique pieces of mounted art printed on metallic plates.

New for 2023 and designed for retail sales

Unique product

The product and artwork are designed and made by us in Galway, Ireland.
A range of illustrative and artistic styles all printed on metallic plate. 


The metal background to our prints adds a unique and eye-catching look to our designs.

Individually printed onto a brushed gold metal, this feature gives our prints a unique and pleasing look that customers love.

Unique Designs

Each design is an original piece of art designed by us. They are always being updated and kept fresh, so you can find the perfect piece for any space.

Our style varies from typographic to illustrative to abstract, depending on the series.


Our designs are available as mounted art or framed, giving your customers the flexibility to choose the perfect look for their space.

If mounted, we have designed it in such a way that the customer has a variety of framing options to explore. The prints will work in a shallow or deep-box frame so the customer can create a unique way to display the artwork in their home or office.

Classic or Contemporary

Our selection of metal art prints will help you find the perfect piece to complete your décor. From abstract ink art and contemporary illustrations to traditional styles and Irish heritage pieces – you will find something that best suits your customers.

Featured Series

Are you looking for a series of products that will appeal to a variety of markets?

Look no further than our range of mounted metal prints! The range includes series that have the same features but still appeal to a variety of markets. From traditional sayings, abstract ink art, and contemporary mono-line illustrations to pieces that will be a hit with domestic and international customers alike, we have a series that will fit your needs.

Our current ranges include the Irish Blessing Series, the Treasure of Ireland and the Love and Couples Series. Upcoming designs will include a Friendship Range, Relationships, and Inspirational prints, with more on the way!

Irish Blessing Series

The Irish Blessing series is the perfect way to bring good luck and prosperity into your home!

Featuring traditional Irish blessings with an illuminated capital letter as from the Book of Kells, this series is sure to bring a touch of Irish charm to any space.

With a shamrock motif around the edge and a heritage green mount that really lifts the image, this series is sure to make a statement.

Treasures of Ireland Series

Celebrate the unique culture and history of Ireland with the Treasures of Ireland Series!

This series of prints on gold metal plates commemorate well-known objects, items, monuments, stories and traditions that are considered Treasures of Ireland. Each print is accompanied by text that provides some information on the treasure, and the background mount is Heritage Green in colour, providing a lovely contrast to the Gold metal.


Love & Couples Series

This series of contemporary mono-line illustrations are perfect for couples looking to share their love with the world. With a vintage typewriter-style font to match the simplicity of the illustration style, these illustrations make a perfect gift for any special occasion.

Suitable as a gift between couples, these also make wonderful gifts to a couple to mark an anniversary, wedding or even a new home.

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