604 – Robins Appear When Loved Ones Are Near (Double Sided)


A beautiful memorial ornament to celebrate, in loving memory those who are no longer with us

  • Double-sided ceramic remembrance keepsake
  • Handcrafted printed 3″ (7cm) Ceramic
  • Hung with ribbon/cord
  • Presented in a luxury gift box

Product Details

Double sided remembrance ceramic - with a comforting message from the person that has gone to those that are left behind.

Our remembrance ornaments are different than any other "Robins appear...." items you will find. We have designed it so that the reverse is almost like a comforting message from those that have passed away to those that are left behind.

This was originally designed as a Christmas decoration so that there was a physical representation of a missed loved one at that special time. But we discovered that many customers would display it throughout the year as it was a comfort to them, and with their input we redesigned it to remove the seasonal graphics and made it more appropriate to be on display all the time.  They liked that the Robin side could be facing out, knowing that the other side had a gladdening message just for them.

Please don’t be unhappy,
Just because I’m out of sight,
Remember I’m still with you,
Every morning, noon and night.

Our 3" (7cm) ceramic ornaments are individually hand-crafted using a technique that ensures the print will last a lifetime - this means no peeling, fading or scratching.

This unique gift will always give support, easement and reassurance as a celebration of that special person and what they mean to those that are left behind - always keeping them in their thoughts.


Presentation Gift Box
The beautiful gift-box has a dual purpose – protection and display. It has foam insert and soft fold-over cover cloth which adds to the quality and luxuriousness of the piece.

Our ceramics and print method are handcrafted so there may be slight differences. Hung with ribbon/cord. Ribbon colour may vary. Ornaments come wrapped in tissue paper and presented in a jute burlap bag. Christmas motif on gift-bag may be any one of six designs. Please also note: Whilst we do our best to ensure accurate product images, we cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product. This is due to photography conditions, and that every monitor and mobile display has different settings that effect colour and brightness for the viewer.

This is a beautifully made, thoughtful, respectful and meaningful gift.

  • Double Sided with comforting message
  • Handcrafted printed 3" (7cm) Ceramic
  • Hung with Ribbon/Cord
  • Gift boxed - ready to give
Size and Materials

Handcrafted printed 3″ (7cm) round ceramic. Soft gloss finish and hung with looped satin ribbon.

Print Method

Individually made, each is printed made using a hand-pressed reproduction method that ensures the highest quality – this means no peeling, fading or scratching.

Presentation Gift Box

Beautifully made presentation box with foam insert and luxurious soft fold-over cover cloth.

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