720- The Trinity Knot – Symbols of Ireland


A beautiful ornament illustrates and explains a symbol of Ireland

  • Double-sided ceramic ornament
  • Handcrafted printed 3″ (7cm) Ceramic
  • Hung with ribbon
  • Presented in a luxury gift box

Product Details

Double-sided ceramic ornament presented in a luxury gift box with internal cloth flaps.

This is one of our range of Irish Symbols Ceramics. Designed to be hung and displayed throughout the year, and make great gift items.

The ornament is inspired by the illuminated artwork of the Book of Kells.

The design on one side has an illustration of a symbol of Ireland -  The Trinity Knot in the same style and colour palate as the illustrations from the Book of Kells.

On the other side is a short description/background of the symbol.

The Trinity knot or Triquetra is an endless, intertwining Celtic knot work symbol with three corners.
For the ancient celts, it symbolised no beginning or end and never-ending life.
For Christians, the knot represents The Son, Father and Holy Spirit.

Both sides of the ornament have sprigs of Shamrock which decorate the edges.

Our ceramics are beautifully illustrated 3″ (7cm) ceramic ornaments that are individually printed and hand-finished. These delightful products enhance any dwelling, whether purchased for one's own home or as a gift for another. They are meaningful little pieces of art that can be displayed all year round. Celebrating our heritage they can be passed from generation to generation and will always have meaning.

  • Double sided ornament
  • Handcrafted printed 3″ (7cm) Ceramic
  • Hung with Satin Ribbon
  • Purchase for personal use or as a gift
  • Presented in a luxury presentation box

Our personalised 3″ (7cm) ceramic ornaments are individually hand-crafted using a technique that ensures the print will last a lifetime – this means no peeling, fading or scratching.

Please enquire about our other Irish ornaments - We always have new designs.

Size and Materials

Handcrafted printed 3″ (7cm) round ceramic. Soft gloss finish and hung with looped satin ribbon.

Print Method

Individually made, each is printed made using a hand-pressed reproduction method that ensures the highest quality – this means no peeling, fading or scratching.

Presentation Box

Beautifully made presentation box with foam insert and luxurious soft fold-over cover cloth.