You know you’re Irish… Telephone


Bye, bye, bye, bye…  Humorous  Ceramic Tile Art.
Each ceramic is individually printed and hand-finished in our Galway studio. They are float-mounted in a deep-box frame.

  • Framed Ceramic in Deep Box Frame : 230mm x 230mm (9 inches x 9 inches)
  • Handmade in Ireland

Product Details

The Design
This is from our You Know You're Irish..... series.
A unique set of humorous ceramic art tiles that are tell tale signs that makes someone typically Irish. This could be a phrase, an object, a location or an observation that only someone from Ireland would know. These are things that Irish people do or say that are hard to explain to the onlooking outsider.  It is these little quirks and eccentricities that make Irish people so unique.

You Know You're Irish...
When You finish every phone call with 'Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye'

Maybe it's the Irish trait of always trying to get the last word or it's just that we love to keep on talking. In Ireland you will notice this a lot, even when people are putting the phone down or taking it away from their mouth - they are still talking, usually its bye, bye, bye....

On this design, the main heading in an Irish type display font, and the explanation of the heading is in an old typewriter font which is easy to read and suits the design style. The image of the old landline  telephone we have illustrated as an old engraving style illustration. This lovely etched style makes a unique illustration that also looks vintage or retro, with a subtle hint of colour. This illustration technique  suits the theme of this ceramic art series.

Each Ceramic Print is individually produced ensuring attention to detail and uniqueness - no two are exactly the same.
The images are printed and pressed one at a time onto our specially coated ceramic art tiles.


Frame outer dimensions is 230mm x 230mm
(9 inches x 9 inches)


Deep Box Frame in Limed White colour (soft white) which shows off its wood grain finish. Ceramic is "Float-Mounted" which gives the illusion of floating within the frame.

Print Method

Individually digitally printed and hand-pressed reproduction of an original engraving/illustration print.


All Framed Ceramics are protected by bubble-wrap and cardboard packaging.

Irish 80's - 90's retro telephone landline

80's - 90's Irish phone