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Original Art Prints

Original artist hand-pulled prints.  Large size: 24” x 36” (61cm x 91cm).

Skilfully printed by artists and print making artisans using traditional print making methods.
Each print is inked, printed and pulled from the press individually, one at a time ensuring they are off the highest quality.
As they are original artworks there may be slight variations in ink density and coverage between prints. This is a characteristic of original art prints.

Ceramic Ornaments

Ceramic Tile Art

Ceramic Tile Art each one individually designed and printed at our Galway studio. Each series has a special inspiration behind them – whether its a reminder of places once visited; or evoking strong connection with the past by using imagery that would have been familiar to generations of people before; or by reimagining traditional Irish blessings that helped people through previous adversities like famine and persecution can now be a positive force against the latest burden – the Global Covid Pandemic